Welcome to Inizio Interventions

Inizio Interventions (Inizio) was formed by Sally Torrens, MFT, BCBA and Cara Stearns Entz, MFT, BCBA to provide applied behavior intervention services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. With the combined 42 years of experience in providing evidence-based programming to the community, Inizio will create remarkable opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to lead productive and meaningful lives.

Customized Interventions.

  • Inizio discovers socially significant solutions for the individual while building a collaborative network between the parent, teacher, regional center designee, supervisor, and child.
  • The program begins with a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) working in tandem with the family and child, navigating the program, evaluating and measuring intervention effectiveness, and planning for and applying socially significant target behaviors for each child.
  • Our multi-faceted, cutting-edge applications encompass not only the individual who has been diagnosed, but the family unit as well.
  • Standardized assessment tools are given at the onset of treatment and every 6 months thereafter to assist with tracking individual progress.
  • Curriculum development is individually tailored and includes programs to address language and communication, cognitive development, self-help skills, behavior management, social skills, and school readiness.

Experienced Practitioners.

  • Service quality includes an advanced system of tested procedures and instruction created by licensed and board certified directors.
  • Degreed behavior therapists with both initial and ongoing intensive training provide one-to-one instruction to individuals and families in both the home and school settings under the direct supervision of the founders and supervisors.

Inizio is an approved behavioral and mental health provider for several insurance companies and is certified by the California Department of Education as a nonpublic agency.